Inside: Colorful Biodegradable Wedding Confetti Cannons.

Congrats, you’re getting married! What a wonderful time, planning a wedding can be so much fun. There are so many different things to think about, from walking down the aisle to walk out the door every detail should be exactly what you want.

One of our favorite photo worth moments in a wedding is the grand exit. There are so many fun photos that can happen when you and your boo are walking to your getaway car. I love using our colorful Biodegradable wedding confetti cannons to celebrate that special moment, plus it creates the most fun photos!
Biodegradable Wedding Confetti

Where Can I Buy a Biodegradable Confetti Cannon for a Wedding?

If you’re looking for some fun confetti poppers, then we have the perfect ones for you!

A 6 pack of our Peachy Party custom-designed confetti poppers – they come in black confetti cannon design & white designs.

– Each 12-inch confetti shooter is filled to the brim with pretty multicolor confetti that will shower your party in the fun!
– Confetti shooters have an easy twist to POP and the powerful air compression will launch confetti up to 30 feet away making a SERIOUSLY thrilling party statement.
– Since our confetti is biodegradable you don’t even have to deal with clean up. Whoohoo!  Simply shoot, enjoy, and continue having fun.

Find the black confetti cannons right here.

And the white biodegradable pack here.

Plus our newest release a 24 PACK of Rose Gold confetti cannons which would be great for a fun wedding send off.

Rose Gold wedding send off confetti cannons wedding favors

Why are these Confetti Cannons the Best?

Our party poppers confetti shooters will bring your party up a notch with powerful fun multi-color eco-friendly confetti, a beautiful design, and enough confetti poppers (pack of 6!), for the whole family to enjoy.

Best Confetti cannons for your wedding send off

Is Confetti Biodegradable?

Each Biodegradable confetti cannon party favor is packed with vibrant biodegradable slow fall confetti, for a memorable party element. Since the confetti is biodegradable that means no hard clean-up for you! Just leave it where it lands with these confetti poppers biodegradable party poppers! These confetti shooters are eco-friendly and a load of fun.

Rose Gold Weddings Confetti Send Off Ideas

Best Bang for Your Pop

Our party poppers confetti shooters air cannon has an easy twist confetti gun that showers confetti up to 30 ft! The easy twist system makes for a burst of fun at your event.

Where Can You Use a Confetti Party Popper?

– Use these party poppers for indoor parties at bridal showers, birthday parties & New Year’s poppers.
– They are SUPER fun at a midnight countdown.
– Use a confetti gun for your next outdoor party too! They are a hit on the 4th of July, wedding send-offs, graduation confetti poppers, luau parties & all those car parade decorations you now have stashed in the trunk.
– Even take them along for bachelorette party favors, vacation parties, and destination wedding favors.

Biodegradable Wedding Confetti

Will my venue allow biodegradable wedding confetti?

Wedding venues don’t want to sit and pick up every single small item, which is why using wedding throwing confetti that is biodegradable is great, because it goes away on its own.

The best practice is to confirm with your venue before purchasing anything.

Wedding Confetti Cannon Send Off With Biodegradable Rose Gold Confetti

Now Let’s Play

Here are some fun game ideas to play with your biodegradable confetti cannon!

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